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After going through the EHCP process with my son, in 2019 I completed all of the IPSEA training to become a SEN advocate. Since then, I have been helping parents to strengthen their EHCP's and gain the support and school places that their child needs. This has included securing places at a number of both mainstream, specialist and independent schools. Advocacy work at First Look SEN is also supported by Sarah & Helen 2 other passionate SEND Mum Advocates.

Whether it is some free support, pointing in the right direction or helping and supporting through the process we can help. We keep our costs as low as possible and to ensure that you never get any unexpected costs we give all costs as packages so that you know up front what you are going to pay, no hidden costs or extras.

Help may also be available from your local authority through DIASS, SENDIASS or through IPSEA. Lots of information, help and support is available in the information hub which is coming soon for those of you who are taking on the process yourselves

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Advocacy Packages

talking on phones

Free Consultation

Free telephone conversation to discuss your needs and how I can help. This may include information and signposting support. I am always happy to help and answer questions. I have been in your situation so if I can help I will.

Signing a Contract

Refusal to Assess

If you have had a refusal to assess from the local authority which is unfortunately all too common I can help.  I can review all of your documentation, highlight any information that might be missing or helpful to your case. This will include any supporting legal information, and drafting your grounds of appeal based on this information. You can then lodge your appeal £250

Smart Phone

Helping you on your way call

A free support call to help you to understand your options, the process and what your next steps are, helping you on your way! This will be followed up by an email containing the information, if I can help you do it yourself I will. I can signpost information and support.


Refusal to Issue

If you have gone through the daunting process and then your local authority has refused to issue your child with an EHCP I can help. I can review all of your documentation, highlight any information that may be missing or helpful to your case this will include any supporting legal information, draft your grounds of appeal based on this information. You can then lodge your appeal £250 - £350

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EHCP Needs Assessment 

If you would like help and support to complete your EHCP needs assessment. This includes reviewing all of your child's current documentation, drafting the needs assessment letter and also drafting an accompanying document outlining the reasons for the needs assessment based on the information that you have given. You can then submit this to the local authority £150

If you would like a review of your EHCP to see if it is fit for purpose and contains everything that your child needs. I can help. This includes reviewing your child's EHCP, drafting a report based on the EHCP, highlighting any information that may be missing or helpful to your case, this will include any supporting legal information and ensuring that your provisions are SMART. This can be helpful prior to any review meetings £250 - £300

Contract Review

Review of EHCP 

Signing a Contract

EHCP - Contents Appeal

If you are appealing your EHCP's content this includes section B Needs, Section F provision and section I named school I can help. This will include reviewing all documentation and reports. Reviewing the EHCP and ensuring that all needs and provisions from the reports are included in the EHCP and that these are defined in a SMART measurable way so that the EHCP is enforceable. To highlight any missing information or legal information that may be useful to your case. This can then be submitted by you to the Appeal £300 -£400

Virtual Team Meeting


If you are going to Mediation, I can help by reviewing your reports and information, I will have an online pre-meeting with you prior to the meeting and attend an online meeting to help to represent you £50 - £200, depending on if the reports have already being reviewed

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Working Document

During the EHCP appeal, the EHCP will become a working document if you would like me to write the first working document for you to submit it will be the cost of EHCP contents appeal £300 - £400 plus an additional £200 for drafting the working document. 

Typing on the Computer

Letter Writing

If you would like a letter drafted on your behalf regarding a SEN matter, I can help with this at a cost of £50 per letter.


School meetings or visits

If you would like support during a school meeting or visit these can be arranged in the local area for £50 per visit. If preparation is required prior to the meeting e.g. a pre-meeting or production of a report then this will be an additional £50.

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If you would like something different to the packages listed e.g. case management please contact me directly to discuss your needs. 


If you are going through the process on your own, please give me a call if you just need someone to talk to and refer to the information hub as there will be lots of helpful information and resources on there to help you

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