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Schools, Nurseries and Trusts

First Look SEN's main focus is children and how to support children and those around them, including their schools we just want to make like easier for you all! this includes:


EHCP Support

The amount of children who need support and EHCP plans is ever increasing when you already have a huge workload! We can help by gathering evidence, documentation and drafting the schools submission for a child's EHCP, taking the pressure off you.

We can provide EHCP and SEN process training and support and help to outline the benefits for the school and the child by helping you to develop robust plans.

In School Support

We can provide in school support for children either on a regular basis or to help to train staff, set up plans and strategies to support the child in school. We can provide observations and reports which can be used as evidence for additional support.

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We can provide support and training for schools, large groups or to individuals and small groups. We offer both standard and bespoke training packages on all areas of SEN.

We offer a full SEN awareness 2 day training course aimed at anyone who supports or works with SEN children. It is our belief that no one should be able to work with SEN children without a base level of training on how to identify, understand and support them.

Our training is informative, interactive and Fun! Based on how to identify children's needs and how to support them. On larger pieces of training we also partner with other professionals such as Julie Fearn at Autism Derby

A full suite of online Loom training videos will be available soon

SEN Support

We offer a SEN support service to Schools, Teachers, SENCOS's and TA's that we work with. This can either be face to face or via the telephone supporting with strategies and information or being a sounding board. The information and resources in the information hub are available to everyone and free to use

Support Groups
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Bespoke work & projects

We also work with schools on bespoke work such as development of sensory rooms (on a small budget), writing bids for extra funding and the development of SEN support websites. We recently created a support website during the coronavirus for the Learners Trust (23 schools) please see below

Learners Trust Support | Primary School Support

Please contact us directly for any bespoke work

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