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Tools & Resources

This section contains links to helpful information and resources if you have any further information please let me know and I will add it.

Distance learning resources and information for children with SEND

Distance education resources for children and young people with SEND - Special Needs Jungle


SEND learning Hub - with lots of resources and information

Free resources for special educational needs & disabilities (SEND) – ChatterPack

School Closure Tool Kit - a great school closure tool kit with visual timetables, now and then, choice boards

School Closure Toolkit for Parents.pdf (

Twinkl - Visual timetables. Twinkl has a SEND section with lots of online resource, schedules and tools which can be downloaded

Visual Timetables - Visual Supports Autism (


Sue Larkey - lots of downloadable facts sheets to support ASD

Tip Sheet - Sue Larkey

Supporting children with learning disability / ASD a really good resource and tools

Resources (

SEN Resource Source - lots of useful resources

SEN Resource Source | Downloadable resources for SEN support

​Lots of  social stories, and resources to support SEN children

Resources to Support Autistic & Neurodivergent Kids | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources


Lots of resources and social stories to support SEN children

Social Media - Middletown Centre For Autism (

A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Early Learning and Development at Home (0 - 5 years) Supporting Families During the Coronavirus Pandemic

covid19_familybooklet.pdf (

Resources - Reachout ASC - Lynn McCann

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