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Children Playing Outdoor

Social Stories

Please find below links to relevant social stories which maybe helpful, if you have anymore please let me know and I can add them:


Information on Social Stories including what they are and how to write them

Social stories and comic strip conversations (

What Is A Social Story? - Carol Gray - Social Stories (

Social Stories

Social Stories (

Lots different social story texts

Printable Social Stories for Kids | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

You can sign up to be able to download free social stories for children​

Social Stories/Visuals - Supporting Autism Spectrum (

scroll to the bottom of the page for social story PDFs

Social Stories on topics

Getting a hair cut

I’m Getting a Haircut – A Social Story | Kids' Hair Inc. (

Birthday Parties

Printable Social Stories: Birthday Parties - FirstPath Autism

Lots of different birthday party related social stories

Friendship Social Stories

Free Social Stories About Friendship | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

7 Social Stories About Friendship (

Microsoft Word - Final draft Friendship is Like That.docx (


Anger, frustration, negative feelings

8 Social Stories for Dealing with Frustration | FL Autism/

Feeling Angry Social Stories (

Anger Management and Autism - Animated Social Story - YouTube

Frustration - Social Story for Special Education Students - YouTube

Don't be an Angry Bird! Social Story - (

personal_space.222180413.pdf (

coping_with_angry_feelings.186103152.pdf (

all_about_hugs.18692725.pdf (


Going to the Supermarket

Social_Stories_Going_To_Grocery_Store (

Supermarket Shopping Social Stories (

Going to the Cinema / Theatre

Microsoft Word - Theater_SOCIAL_STORY.doc (

Going to the Cinema Social Story (

Microsoft Word - Social Story - Child Version (

The_Rainbow_Fish_Social_Story_2019.indd (


Going to a Restaurant

Social_Stories_Going_To_A_Restaurant_Final (

I Can Go To A Restaurant Social Story: Independent Life Skills (


Going on a Plane

Going On An Airplane (

Jet Blue teaching story final 9-23-19.pdf (

If you look at the airport that you are travelling from they may have their own social story which you can download


Going to the Doctors

I-am-Going-to-the-Doctor.pdf (

Going to the Doctor Social Story —, an ASERT Autism Resource Guide

Going To The Doctor Social Story |

Going to the Doctors.pdf (


Going to the Dentist

Social Stories for Going to the Dentist – Pathfinders for Autism

I Am Going to the Dentist (A Story to Prepare Children for Dental Appointments) - (

tom_goes_to_the_dentist_social_story.pdf (


Going to Hospital

here_we_go_to_the_hospital_letter_size.indd (

hospitalstory.bm2 (

Going to Hospital - full symbols.pdf (


Halloween Social Stories

13 Free, Printable Social Stories about Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. - A Day In Our Shoes

Free Printable Halloween Social Story About Trick-or-Treating | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

Top 5 Halloween Social Stories | Florida Autism Center (


Christmas Social Stories

8 Christmas Social Stories for Kids | Autism | Sensory - A Day In Our Shoes

Free Christmas Social Stories | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

Lots of Christmas social stories for children

Christmas Social Story – Little Puddins Free Printables

Santa Social Story – Little Puddins Free Printables

5 Social Stories for the Holidays | Fusion Autism Center


Funerals and Bereavements 

Free Social Stories About Death and Funerals | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

Microsoft PowerPoint - social story about death (

Social Story When People Die (

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Childrens Show
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