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Children Playing Outdoor


First Look SEN's main focus is children and how to support children and those around them, this includes:

Happy Circle

EHCP and Advocacy Support

We can offer EHCP and advocacy support to make sure that all children get the support that they need.

We can advocate on behalf of your child.

In School Support

We can provide in school support for children either on a regular basis or to help the school to set up plans and strategies to support your child in school. We can provide observations and reports which can be used as evidence for additional support.

Happy Kids
Children Playing

Out of School Support

We can provide children with out of school support by providing respite care and helping parents to develop schedules, learning development and strategies to help at home, including producing resources.


We are there for you!

Parent training and support

Being an SEN parent can be overwhelming at times, I know this from experience! We are here to help and support you, from being a voice at the end of the phone to providing parent training, support and information. 

You are doing a great job!

Support Groups
Carnival Game

Groups and Support

We can sign post you to resources and groups for children and parents. We are excited to host and run groups for parents and children. Outdoor Sensory circuits are planned for next summer and we will also be piloting parent support groups.

All children need fun and friends!! All adults need someone who understands.

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