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This section contains information and links to support families, carers and Schools with a child with ADHD. If you have any further information please let me know and I will add it.

Some tips to help to support learning for a child with ADHD:

  • Create a routine / schedule, give a sense of structure

  • Give clear instructions and time to process

  • Tell them it is ok to make mistakes

  • Build lots of movement breaks into the day - don't expect them to sit for long periods, work off their energy before starting to work

  • Use visual learning - learning by showing 

  • Make sure that any goals set are achievable and they can succeed, then build on them, build their confidence and build on their strengths

  • focus on 1 thing at a time

  • Reward good behaviour

  • Reduce the amount of over stimulation - quiet non distracting areas

  • Remain calm

  • Be consistent 

  • Don't give consequences for things that are out of their control

  • Find other words to use other than no 

Useful sources of information

ADHD Foundation

Support Groups | The UK ADHD Partnership

Online Resources | ADHD Virtual Help (


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