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This section contains information and links to support families, carers and Schools with a child with Dyslexia. If you have any further information please let me know and I will add it.

Some tips to help to support learning for a child with Dyslexia:

  • Play memory games

  • Use repeating sequences and sequencing games / problems - tell a story with key events on picture cards and get the child to identify the pictures and to put them in sequence, shuffle them and ask them to do it again

  • Give extra time to process

  • Use quiet non distracting areas for work

  • Write on blue or purple paper and consider colour readers for reading

  • When writing get the child to say the sentence and then draw boxes for all of the words. Sentences can also be recorded and played back to the child to help them to remember their sentence and write it down

  • Get the child to fill in the gaps and important words rather than writing everything

  • Consider downloading and using a dyslexia friendly font e.g  Home | OpenDyslexic

  • Use rhyming to identify words that rhyme and match them

  • Clap out rhythms and get the child to repeat them

  • use volumes to identify loudest and softest

  • Use different methods to write - foam, sand, rice, slant boards

  • Practice - fine motor exercises, gross motor exercises

  • Use finger exercises, playdough, stress balls to strengthen fingers and hands and give more control 

  • Special pen grips

  • Supportive Technology - Audio books, computer pens that playback recorded speech of a highlighted section, coloured key pads, talking calculators, electronic journals, planning and mapping software

Useful sources of information

 Home | OpenDyslexic

Dyslexia Information for Parents - Nessy - British English

British Dyslexia Association (

Dyslexia in children - The Dyslexia Association - The Dyslexia Association

About Dyslexia for Parents | Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

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